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Building online applications

Online applications stand in the line of production traffic. They must be performant, reliable, robust to changes in dependent systems, testable, and cost-effective. The goal of dpm is to make it possible to build online applications using data from any source, regardless of the properties of the underlying storage engine.

Examples of online applications:

  • Data enrichment services
  • Machine learning services
  • Data products exposed to external customers & partners
  • Customer-facing, embedded analytics dashboards

In this section, you'll learn more about the collection of features that enable you to build online, production, and customer-facing features with data packages using data from any source.

  • Accelerated mode - Get ultra low latency with dpm's high performance query engine
  • Reliability - Safely evolve schemas without impacting application uptime and stay robust to upstream breakages

Additionally, online applications typically leverage long-lived Access Tokens to authorize queries.